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Diy Weave Pole Guides

The weave poles general performance requirements are at least 36 tall and 22 apart. Our vast selection of rod building accessories include educational books DVDs tools supplies for weaving and marbling and the widest selection of fishing rod decals stickers you will ever find.

Dog Agility Weave Poles 12 Poles 1 Pvc Dog Agility Course Dog Agility Course Diy Dog Agility

You order the right size guide wires to fit your weave poles.

Diy weave pole guides. For the collar or short leash method you may want to start with poles only 30 inches 760 mm high. This is the reason for. Many wires on the market today are made of black tubing used in irragation.

Cut 14 30 poles taller if you have a Great Dane. Dog agility weave pole guide wires by The Dog Agility Shop are very easy to use and come ready to use unlike many wires on the market which require assembly of partsThey easily snap on and off any 34 PVC pipe and are made from pure white cross linked polyethylene. 8 19 inches.

DIY Rod Building Accessories. 2-ways for each end. Fit each 1m length of PVC with an irrigation spike on one end and an end cap on the other.

What you will need from the hardware store I went to my local Bunnings. 8 3¼ inches. 1 Find the entry first pole on the dogs left 2 Start the weaving motion and 3 Continue until the end of the set.

The easiest way to put them on your weave poles is to hold the clip at a 45-degree angle to the pole push one corner onto the pole first and then rotate the clip to get the rest of it on the pole. Visit the The Dog Agility Shop Store. Glue connectors to ground pieces.

The replacement clips come in a package of 8 for the price shown. Select either the 1 guide wire or the 34 guide wire. 2 24 inches.

Weave Pole Guide Wires ONLY Clip on for Dog Agility. 6 40 inches. 6-pole weave set uses 4 wires while a 12-pole weave set uses 10 wires.

Instant Weave Poles. Weave pole training with your dog be-fore you have done some ground-work your dog is old enough to use his body confidently and he has de-veloped some overall athletic ability and balance. When you are first teaching the weave poles you want the dog to focus forward instead of looking at you.

Please Subscribe httpbitlySubToGonetotheSnowDogsDIY Dog Agility Course building guide wires for training agility with your dogSHIRTS. Cut the ground pieces into 13 x 195 sections. Light in weight and on your wallet our 24 Spacing Economy Weave Poles are made from sturdy steel channels with 3 rigid pole mounts and can be set up quickly for backyard training or a practice run.

Jump Bars Photo by Wendell T. These are the best wires weve ever seen. They are not designed to work with other tubing.

Basic Movement Setup Set up 12 poles offset by at least 4-5 in an area where you have a good approach to all sides of the weave poles from a mini-. 2 12 inches. 46 out of 5 stars.

One guide wire does not fit both weave pole sizes. Vertically insert a 37 weave pole for a total of six poles. These items will have a shipping cost attached to it in the shopping cart but if they are ordered with other items that have shipping costs the shipping may be adjusted lower at the time of order processing.

Watch and Learn how to make a simple adjustable agility jump and some super sturdy yet flexible agility weave poles for your dogThis was super fun and easy. Size standard 34 PVC weave polesNo-sag lightweight pvc design. 5-ways to be center and connection next to each end.

1 12 inches 2-inch pipe Download all the plans for this DIY dog agility course here. When glued this measurement will allow you to space at exact 20. They are to be a part of a semi-rigid structure thats base is to be no more than 34 high.

Cut six 6. Weave pole basics Whatever training method is used a dog in competition must. We even carry products and supplies to make fishing rod repairs a snap.

For 34 guide wires the pole must be measured at 1 116 OD outer diameter and for 1 guide wires measured at 1 516 OD. The main three methods of teaching weave poles are channel weave-o-matic and 2x2. Attach T fittings to the 22 runner pipes spacer bars.

At higher levels 12 poles are the norm. Details These snap-on clips are designed to be used with the Clip and Go Weave Pole Guide Wires sold separately if you have lost or broken the clips that came with your Clip and Go wires. The reward can be a toy a bowl of food or a Treat and Train food dispensing device.

Most agility organizations stipulate 6 poles at the beginner level. We like to place a reward at the end of the weave poles. Weave Poles NOT Included-Made in USA.

Set for 12 weave poleseverything you need for 12 weave poles 10 guides and 22 clips 2 extra The first time the clips go on your poles is the most difficult. 4 14½ inches. Our weave wires can be used on 20 to 24 weave bases.

They get easier to take on and off the more you use them. Each base unit is approximately 50 L x 16W with 24 pole spacing. Im lazy I paid the 14.

4 18½ inches. Depending on the training method use 2 or 4 weave poles to start with you can always add more later.

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